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Who Lives on a Few Acres?

It is a very diverse group with diverse objectives such as:

  • Use property solely for residence
  • Pursue hobbies and recreational activities
  • Reduce food costs by producing their own food
  • Provide for an "Alternative Lifestyle"
  • Provide extra income
  • Start a small farming business

They are broken down into:

  • The Rural Resident
  • The Hobby Farmer
  • The Gardeners
  • The Alternative Farmers
  • The Part-Time Farmers
  • The Full-Time Farmer

Before you consider a move to the country, you need to know what you want to accomplish and design a road map to accomplish it. Know the trade-offs.

  • Seclusion
  • Conveniences
  • Schools
  • Shopping
  • Distance from family

If you are ready to face the realities, then this website has answers and resources to assist you in that move. We have broken down the website into different categories for easy study. We have books listed on our web pages that you can purchase for additional research. We also have products offered that will assist you in making your "Homestead Home"!

Ads will document the progress of our long-term family farm project in the Philippines. We will gather and publish information about our farm, the crops, the products and many other things. Tropical Island Farm Our goals are, to get out of the hamster wheel, to be more or less self-sufficient and to have a simple but fulfilling life. We invite you to read about our experiences, failures and successes.
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